Political Cartoons & Editorial Illustration

I am often hired to create political cartoons and editorial illustrations for magazines, newspapers and online news sources, as well as cartoons for special interest use.


My political cartoons & editorial illustrations have been published in over 100 magazines and newspapers, (including Time, The Atlantic, Forbes and the book "Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year").


(As you'll see, I cover both sides of the political aisle.)


Poster created for a theatrical production of  Hexagon, "Washington DC's original political, satirical, musical, comedy revue."

A political cartoon about Brexit that was published in the Baltimore Sun.

The above piece won a Pollie award

Editorial illustration for Strategy Magazine

Cartoons for special interests

One of several cartoons commissioned by MoveOn.Org
A cartoon created to fight proposed legislation cutting medical benefits
A cartoon commissioned to fight a city council measure in a California city...
One of a series of cartoons commissioned to fight a a large home owners association in Los Angeles
A cartoon commissioned for newspapers in Orlando Florida, to expose Universal Studios' & Comcast's opposition to a new Orlando theme park featuring the world's highest roller coaster.
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