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Commissioned Cartoons & Humorous Illustration

Presentation Cartoons & Illustrations:


I have extensive experience creating cartoon illustrations intended to communicate the concepts of new ideas and technologies, to end users and also upper management, (for companies, like Cisco Systems, Intel Corporation, McDonald's and Steelcase.)


Some of these illustrations also involved finding effective ways to portray the concepts and writing/storyboarding, which is one of my specialties. If you do not have a clear idea of what you would like an illustration to depict, I can help you with that end of it.

 One of 15 illustrations created for a presentation to McDonald's

executive management, at their Chicago headquarters, 2017


I am often asked to create custom cartoons for individuals who want a special gift for a friend or colleague.


For example, I can create a caricature-based cartoon or funny scene depicting someone you know.


How it works: After discussing it, and arranging the particular details of your needs, I will request a few photos of your friend or colleague.


I'll get to work and then provide you with sketches via email. After making any needed revisions, I'll proceed with finished artwork, sending you high quality digital files that you can have printed locally at a Kinkos or local print shop on a high quality printer. (Or if you'd rather, I can take care of the printing and ship you the artwork.)


Please contact me for more information.

A piece drawn for the "White Marlin Open", the world's largest ocean gamefish tournament in Ocean City, MD

A cartoon illustration created for a family in Los Angeles, who framed it and gave it to their obstetrician, (whose heroic efforts saved their baby.)

A cartoon created for the birthday celebration of the CEO of a healthcare company. This illustration was "18 X 24", and was framed and presented to her as a surprise gift.

One of several humorous illustrations & caricatures of recording artists, "The Swon Brothers", created for Arista records, (and a social media campaign promoting their new album.)

Two cartoons created for a client in New York who wished to show a friend's love of music ...(and below), his cars being "detailed" by armadillos.

A humorous digital painting, (modeled after Grant wood's "American Gothic"), created for the CEO of a prominent pharmaceutical company

            Here is a blog post with more commisioned illustration samples and further explanation of              my process.

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