Political Cartoons & Editorial Illustration

I am often hired to create political cartoons and editorial illustrations for magazines, newspapers and online news sources, as well as cartoons for special interest use.


My political cartoons & editorial illustrations have been published in over 100 magazines and newspapers, (including Time, The Atlantic, Forbes and the book "Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year").


(As you'll see, I cover both sides of the political aisle.)


A political cartoon about Brexit that was published in the Baltimore Sun.
This piece won a Pollie Award
editorial illustration for Strategy Magazine, to accompany an article discussing Mexico's economy and the impact of the new U.S. administration. They sent me the article three days prior to deadline,, I wrote out the concept and after approval of the Edi

Cartoons for special interests

One of several cartoons commissioned by MoveOn.Org
A cartoon created to fight proposed legislation cutting medical benefits
A cartoon commissioned to fight a city council measure in a California city...
One of a series of cartoons commissioned to fight a a large home owners association in Los Angeles
A cartoon commissioned for newspapers in Orlando Florida, to expose Universal Studios' & Comcast's opposition to a new Orlando theme park featuring the world's highest roller coaster.
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