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"The cartoons Mark created for us to advertise our new technology have received a huge response." 

                                                -- Randy Harrel, Vice President, Director of Marketing, CISCO SYSTEMS.

Published in Forbes Published in Forbes

Ralph Lauren  Polo Instagram page

"Mark: I so appreciate your help through the process of creating cartoons for my book and its promotional tour. While I’ve been working other New Yorker cartoonists, I’ve relied most heavily on you. I think your capacity to capture an idea visually is akin to magic."   


 Author, Gary Hamel. "Humaocracy", 2021 bestseller, published by Harvard Business Review Press

"Mark did an absolutely fantastic job illustrating my book. Better yet, he was a pleasure to work with

        --a model of professionalism and high standards." Daniel H. Pink, New York Times Bestselling Author

One of several cartoons created for a book about online dating.

Book illustration, (Penguin Publishing)

Cartoon for college political science textbook, published by McGraw Hill - 2021

            One of 15 illustrations created for a presentation to McDonald's executive management at their Chicago headquarters.

      Character design and humor created for Merck Pharmaceuticals' interactive website for prescription patients.

Poster created for a theatrical production of  Hexagon, "Washington DC's only original political, satirical, musical, comedy revue."


Mark Hill's cartoons and illustrations have been published in over 300 newspapers

and magazines, including The Atlantic, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and have appeared

on NBC's Today Show. He has also illustrated several New York Times best-selling books.

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