About Us (About the cartoonist, anyway)

I'm a Boulder Colorado-based  cartoonist and illustrator, and began writing and drawing when I was old enough to hold a crayon without also eating it. This early self-imposed dietary restriction led to work for some school newspapers, (the pre-school newspaper was the back of a spare Pampers.)

Later, at the University of Illinois, while studying Biology, I worked part-time at the student newspaper as a cartoonist, columnist and editor.


After graduation, I was hired by a 9,000 employee corporation near Chicago, to create artwork and humor for presentations for execs at firms like Boeing, GM and Northrop Grumman.

In my spare time, I drew and sold political cartoons to 32 newspapers in the Midwest.


After two years, I quit my corporate job and moved to Colorado to  ski and to create a comic strip. The former takes little effort, making it a perfect counter to the latter, which is a pursuit with notoriously low odds of success. (The largest syndicate, King Features, received over 6,000 submissions per year, and chose one or two of them.) I thoroughly failed to beat those odds for a while.


I became slightly more respectable when King Features offered me a contract, and a few months later, much more so when I met my future wife. (A good year.) Two years later, I signed a contract with Tribune Media to develop a second comic strip.


I happily wrote and drew comics for several years, and having them also published in the Boulder and Denver papers allowed my neighbors to think I was more than "that grinning idiot". (I became the grinning guy with the same name as the the cretin on the comics page.) Soon after however, newspapers began to languish. Over 2,000 papers closed, and in those that remained, the number of comics were cut by half...particularly affecting the new folks like me.


I began taking on corporate commissions and illustrating books. Those pursuits grew beyond my expectations, so I withdrew from newspapers, (which are now sadly on life-support.)


Shift to today: I get to write and draw nonsensical stuff for a living, often with the help of an assistant. (On some occasions, I enjoy sleeping.) It's more fun than I could have imagined.

My clients range from start ups to companies like Bayer, Cisco Systems, Coca Cola, Fidelity, Google, Intel, McDonalds, Ralph Lauren and Time Warner.


I've had the good fortune to illustrate books published by Penguin/Random House, MacMillan, Pearson, Harvard Business Review Press, Prentice Hall, McGraw-Hill,  and Wiley, including some bestsellers. I very much enjoy working with authors, whether they have a publisher, or if they are taking their books directly to market.


At times, I'm still mildly tempted to eat/suck on my drawing utensils. But I use a digital drawing pen and screen now, so there is a 120 volt "incentive" not to do so. (Technology has come a long way.)




My Process


The best cartoons and illustrations are more than artwork. It's usually the written ideas that make you laugh, (sometimes even if the art were to be drawn by a sleepy rhesus monkey.) So, I like to begin with ideas.


If you already have ideas for cartoons or illustrations, I can create publishing quality artwork to bring them to life.


(If you need  help (or are feeling stuck) with concepts or ideas, I can either spray some verbal WD-40 in appropriate areas, or dive in head first with some writing.)


Next, I'll create sketches for your approval, and make any needed revisions. When that looks good to you., I'll create the finished artwork.


I have an agent who helps to procure some of my clients, but if you found me here, feel free to contact me directly.


95% of my clients are outside of my home state of Colorado...so I can create something for you, no matter where you are.


I'm often scheduled a week or two ahead, but I'm happy to discuss your needs now.





Partial Client List (alphabetical):

Akamai, American Red Cross, Arista Records, Armour, The Atlantic Monthly,  AT Internet France, Ball Horticultural, Bayer Pharmaceutical, BBB, (national office), Blackrock Funds, Boeing, Boars Head, Breck's Bulbs - Holland, Burpee Seeds, CapGemini Corp - Paris, Coca Cola. Cold Stone Creamery, Cisco Systems, Dartmouth University, Eckrich Meats, Fidelity Investments, Forbes Magazine, General Motors, Golin International, Google, Granite Corp., Harvard Business Review Press, Hearst Corporation, Home Depot, Hubspot, Intel Corporation, Kroger, McDonald's, Macmillan Books, McGraw-Hill Books, Merck Pharmaceutical, Merk Investments, NBC News, Northwestern Mutual, Pelican Books, Penguin Books, Pepsi, Prentice Hall/Pearson Press, Ralph Lauren, Inc., Random House Books, Roche Pharmaceutical, Smithfield, Spyder Ski Sportswear, Stanford Business School,  Steel Case Inc., Steuben Foods, SunTrust Financial, Taco Bell, Time Warner, Towers Watson, Tribune Media, University of Colorado, Univ. of Delaware, Univ. of Southern California, Univ. of Toronto, Wiley & Sons Books.




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