Book Illustration

I have illustrated over 40 books for a variety of publishers, including Pearson/Prentice Hall, Penguin Books, Random House and Wiley(Click images for Amazon links.)

"Mark did an absolutely fantastic job illustrating my book, (New York Times Best-seller, A Whole New Mind.) Better yet, he was a pleasure to work with--a model of professionalism and high standards." Author & White House speechwriter,  Daniel H. Pink

Children's Books

I am a professional book illustrator who has illustrated over 40 books, including several best sellers.


My work as a kook illustrator has ranged from business books to marketing and instructional books…and I have illustrated 12 children's books…all for a variety of publishers including Penguin Books, Wiley Business, Prentice Hall, Pearson Education London and Pelican.


While a good percentage of my clients have been authors working with established publishers, some of my most enjoyable projects have been working with authors who are testing the market or self publishing.


Regardless of your path to getting your book into the hands of your readers, I look forward to discussing your ideas.



My process: I'll create sketches and/or concepts for your approval, (with revisions made from your input until you are happy), before creating finished work. I'll then provide finished artwork to you as digital files, optimized for your specific publishing needs.


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