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I've had the good fortune to illustrate books published by Pearson, Penguin-Random House, McGraw-Hill, Macmillan, Prentice Hall, Harvard Business Review Press, and John Wiley & Sons, including several bestsellers.


I illustrate a fairly wide range of books, from fiction (including children's and middle grade) to nonfiction and business.


While many of my clients have been authors and publishers, I also enjoy working with authors who are approaching agents. Others have taken their books direct to market with self publishing.


Regardless of your path to getting your book into the hands of your readers, it would by my pleasure to discuss your book and your ideas for illustration. 


One of 25 cartoons and illustrations recently written and drawn for

Managing Priorities, by DreamWorks executive, Harry Max.

To be published May, 2024.

People have long known it is important to have clear priorities and then focus on them. But no one ever tells you how to do it. But that’s exactly what Harry Max does in Managing Priorities, where he clearly lays out the steps that anyone can use to be more productive and effective. It’s required reading for anyone wanting to be a better business leader.”

  Marc Randolph, co-founder and first CEO of Netflix

One of twenty four cartoons written and drawn for bestseller Humanocracy,

by Gary Hamel - Published by Harvard Business Review Press.

"Mark: I so appreciate your help through the process of creating cartoons for the book

and promotional tour. While I’ve been working other New Yorker cartoonists,

I’ve relied most heavily on you. I think your capacity to capture an idea visually

is akin to magic."    Gary Hamel.

   New York Times Bestseller, A Whole New Mind, Penguin-Random House Books.

    The author discussing his book, and an illustration at his TED Talk.

"Mark did an absolutely fantastic job illustrating my book, Better yet, he was a pleasure to work with--a model of professionalism and high standards."   - Daniel H. Pink 


Cartoons and  humor written and drawn for

  Good Habits, Bad Habits, the psychology bestseller, by Wendy Wood.

Published by MacMillan.

45 cartoons and illustrations created for the business bestseller,

"Would You Do That To Your Mother?" by former Microsoft and Zappos executive,
Jeanne Bliss - Published by  Penguin Random House.

One of two dozen Illustrations created for a humorous poetry book,

under contract with a publisher, to be released in Autumn 2024.)

20 illustrations created for British author James Borg's book,

Body Language, published by Pearson-Prentice Hall.

A cartoon written and drawn for a Political Science textbook, published by McGraw Hill.

A cartoon written and drawn for an upcoming book on the psychology of relationships

One of several cartoons created for a book about online dating.

A cartoon illustration of former Time Warner CEO, John Malone.

(Created for his biography, and later reprinted in Forbes Magazine's review of the book).

One of 20 illustrations for an AP History texbook. McGraw Hill Publishing

42 cartoons written and drawn for New York Times bestseller, "Inbound Marketing"

      written by the founders of Hubspot, Inc., published by Wiley & Sons.

Book cover illustration created for  a novel by Michael Brown,  Emmy award winning scriptwriter and producer.

            Children's Books

Early sketches and character designs for a 32-page children's picture book about a retiree who becomes a part time dog groomer. - In progress, to be published late 2024.

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