Book Illustration - Nonfiction

I've had the privilege of illustrating books published by a variety of publishers, including Penguin Books - Random House - Pearson/Prentice Hall - Wiley & Sons -

Harvard Business Review Press - Farrar, Straus & Giroux (Macmillan) - Pelican.

 My book illustration work ranges from fiction and children's literature to business books and educational books - including a few best sellers.


While many of my clients have been publishers, and authors who are working with publishers, I also enjoy working with authors who are approaching agents. Others have taken their books direct to market with self publishing.


Regardless of your path to getting your book into the hands of your readers, I look forward to discussing your ideas. 

One of 24 cartoons and illustrations created for Humanocracy, by bestselling business author, Gary Hamel. Published August 2020 by the Harvard Business Review Press.

"Mark: I so appreciate your help through this process. While I’ve also been working other "New Yorker" cartoonists, I’ve relied most heavily on you. I think your capacity to capture an idea visually is akin to magic."  Gary Hamel.

An illustration from the soon-to-be published book: "Social Distancing"

       One of 18 illustrations created in September 2020 for a new book by author Eric Stone.

Recently illustrated book: Good Habits, Bad Habits, by Wendy Wood, Provost Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern California.  Published October, 2019 by MacMillan.

45 illustrations & cartoons created for Business bestseller,

"Would You Do That To Your Mother?"  Penguin/Random House.

"Mark did an absolutely fantastic job illustrating my book, (New York Times Best-seller, A Whole New Mind.) Better yet, he was a pleasure to work with--a model of professionalism and high standards." Author & White House speechwriter,  Daniel H. Pink

One of 24 illustratons created for a soon-to-be published book about online dating.

Iluustration for a book published by Random House/Penguin

Cover illustration for a political satire book to be published in 2021.

One of 15 illustrtions for a soon to be published book by Xerox Corporation executive.

Children's Books

My process: I'll create sketches and/or concepts for your approval, (with revisions made from your input until you are happy), before creating finished work. I'll then provide finished artwork to you as digital files, optimized for your specific publishing needs.


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