Corporate Mascots & Character Design


I've had the good fortune to create corporate mascots and characters for  companies and organizations,

ranging from small bagel shops to Intel Corporation and Time Warner.


I would be honored to create something special for you.


A corporate mascot created for Intel, (featured in social media, and three animated TV commercials)

      Character  created for Merck Pharmaceuticals'  website for patient prescription questions and interactive chats.

A character created for Time Warner media groups advertising.

Akamai, Inc. is a global web services company. Their servers handle over 35% of all website traffic. for companies like Netflix and  AWS (Amazon). Akamai's marketing division commisioned me to create two corporate mascots. The bee and the race car driver characters were both developed and used in  their advertising and marketing.

AT Internet is a  French company known for its flsgship application, the Analytics Suite, which is used on approximately 35,000 websites worldwide. They hired me to develop a character to represent their services and products. Later I created a series of humorous cartoons featuring that character, which were used in their advertising and publications.


"Ray", created for The University of Arizona Skin Cancer Institute


"Sal the Salami" corporate mascot re-created for Fortune 100 company, John Morrel Foods, which includes Armour. Ekrich, Smithfield, Nathan's Famous hot dogs, Farmland and Boars Head Meats. This project involved updating and re-creating a classic corporate mascot used to advertise several prominent brands of foods. Once the character was approved, I created nearly two dozen advertisements and safety related posters for the various companies .

Patrick's Pet Care in is a leading pet care service comnpany in the Washington DC/Baltimore area. Patrick hired hired me when he first started, with an idea for a pet services company that began while he walking dogs part-time in college.. Over 10 years later, Patrick's Pet Care has grown in scope and size, and expanded into several locations in Washington DC. It consistently wins the Best of DC awards! (Can you tell I'm happy for him?)

Mascot created for Beatnik's Bagel's


McDonald's, Taco Bell and other fast food restaurants offer "HAPPY MEAL TOYS", as tie-ins to movies and TV shows. I have enjoyed designing some of these toys for "Batman" movies, "The Tick" animated series, and other films. My daughter still has several in her room, (excellent for collecting dust.)

Beatnik Bagels Inc.

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