Advertising Cartoons

Custom cartoons and humorous illustration for advertising.


I'm a humor writer who can also draw, and my work is the the synthesis of those aspects. If you have a message that you'd like to get across, I can help you do it in an effective and funny way.


My clients range from small start-ups and small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. I would be honored to create something special for you.

Recent clients include: Bayer, Cisco, Coca Cola, Fidelity Investments, Google, Merck, Intel, McDonald's, Ralph Lauren, and Time Warner.


"How to revive your content marketing with cartoons": Click to read Forbes article

One of over 70 cartoons created or social media marketing pioneers, Hubspot, Inc. (I worked with Hubspot's founders directly in the creating the concepts and artwork.)

One of a series of animated videos created for Towers Watson. I created the artwork and characters, and worked in concert with a production company in New York.

My services range from drawing a single cartoon based upon your writing and drawing a series of cartoons or creating a campaign that covers print, social media, and characters for commercials.


The most effective cartoons are more than just artwork. They depend upon funny ideas and concepts.
If you already have ideas for cartoons that you would like illustrated, I can give you publishing quality artwork to bring them alive.
If you'd also like help with concepts and/or humor writing, I can assist with it. I am a published humor writer, and many of my clients hire me to create humor and concepts for marketing, advertising, publishing and presentations.


If you don't have the time or budget for a custom drawn cartoon, please contact me regarding my collection of award-winning existing cartoons for purchase and immediate use.



If you'd simply like to license the one-time use of an existing cartoon, with an instant download after purchase, please click "Cartoons for Purchase"  here.

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