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My business cartoons have been published in over 100 magazines and newspapers, (including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Atlantic).


I have created business cartoons for valued clients, ranging from start-ups to many Fortune 100 corporations. I'm happy to discuss your needs, and I would be honored to create something special for you.






If you don't have the time or budget for a custom drawn cartoon, please see my collection of award-winning existing cartoons for purchase and immediate use.


Published in Forbes Magazine

One of 15 illustrations created for a presentation to McDonald's

executive management, at their Chicago headquarters, 2017

A cartoon illustration of Liberty Media CEO, John Malone, depicting his time as Time Warner CEO. (Created for a biography, and later reprinted in Forbes Magazine's review of the book).

Think of the funniest cartoons you have seen, whether in the New Yorker, or simply on someone's refrigerator. They are more than just artwork; they also depend upon funny concepts and written ideas.


The most effective cartoons are a synthesis of writing and art. As a formerly syndicated cartoonist and published humor writer, I can provide both.


My clients for business cartoons range from Fortune 100 companies to start ups and small businesses. Most of my clients come to me with a desire to convey specific messages in cartoons.


My services range from drawing a single cartoon based upon your drawing a series of writing and drawing concepts for marketing campaigns. (I have been involved with the latter for companies like Cisco Systems, Intel and Time Warner).


Contact me for details. I'd be happy to dicuss your needs.



The main thrust of this website is custom cartoons and commissioned illustrations.

If you need something for immediate use, (or perhaps don't have the budget for a custom piece), I offer a selection of my cartoons for immediate purchase and download. 

I also offer cartoons with captions that you can customize with your specific message. (The first of their kind anywhere).

Download or create a cartoon -- and use it today!   See more at

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