Award-winning Political Cartoons & Editorial Illustration

I regularly create political cartoons and editorial illustrations for television, magazines, newspapers and online news sources, as well as cartoons for special interest use.


My political and editorial work has been syndicated and has been published in over 200 magazines and newspapers, (including Time, The Atlantic, Forbes, it has been featured on CNBC, and in  the annual books "Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year").


(As you can see below, I cover both sides of the political aisle.)


The above piece won a Pollie award

Cartoon for college political science textbook, published by McGraw Hill - 2021

Show poster created for a theatrical production of  Hexagon,

"Washington DC's original political, satirical, musical, comedy revue."

One of a series of cartoons created for the National AP HIstory Society and their educational website for HIgh School students.enrolled in AP History.

Published in Forbes Magazine

Commissioned by Strategy Magazine for a cover story

Created for Axel Merk, a regular contributor on CNBC's financial programs.

Cartoons for special interests

A cartoon commissioned to help expose Universal Studios' & Comcast's opposition to a new Orlando Florida theme park featuring the world's highest roller coaster. (It appeared in the Orlando Sentinel and several other Florida media outlets..
One of several cartoons commissioned by MoveOn.Org
A cartoon commissioned to fight a city council measure in a California city...
One of a series of cartoons commissioned to fight a a large home owners association in Los Angeles

Below is an example of my process: This is an illustration created in November 2019 for an OP Ed piece published in a New York magazine, describing a bill intended to help low to middle income energy customers gain access to solar energy. I was invoived in writing the concept, then creating a sketch, revisions, and finally color finished artwork.

Rough thumbnail Sketch

Revised B&W draft

Color artwork, sent to client (and media outlet), as high resolution digital files

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